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I sometimes wonder how these things happen. Because shit like this has to pass several levels of approval to hit the sales floor. And not *one* person at any of those points ever sat back and went, "you know, this might be a little problematic."

It boggles the mind. Yet it happens over and over. Is it an education problem? If we just work on teaching the next generation to be better, will the incidence go down as time progresses?

It will but something like this has to be consistent learning and the person has to wanna learn so it's gonna be really hard taking something like this out of a culture. It's sloooooowly changing though.

But you've got high-profile game reporting like IGN and Game Informer calling it "incredible" and "an adventure you won't want to miss." Most eggheaded gamers will look past these things.

Also, if you're on Steam, could you please help me rate up the review so that it stays visible? There are a lot of Far Cry 3 stans who won't even challenge me on any of this lol but it was expected.

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