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I've started watching Penny Dreadful and I think it's quite good. But I'd watch pretty much anything with Eva Green in it.

I'm almost done with "Return of the King" as part of the Tolkien read a long and I'm half heartedly reading "Day Watch." Most of the books I feel like reading right now are digital and my kindle's been broken for a few months now.

What makes the Day Watch read half-hearted?

I don't really want to be reading it but it's the most appealing thing on my bookshelf right now. It's a good book and I enjoyed it the first time I read it, it's just not capturing my interest right now.

I finished two books by Michael Stackpole. I semi-approve, but like George RR Martin, he has this habit of focusing on characters I don't CARE about. And killing off the ones I do. He does okay with making differing women, but he only has one for a chapter voice, and she is very much all about her man. (Plus, she was the first one to get killed. I very much don't approve.)

On a brighter side, Gargoyles! I got the second half of season two, and I am a happy clam. Gives me way too many ideas to play with.

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