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What Are You Reading/Watching/Playing?
four as a time lord
arctowardthesun wrote in feminist_geeks
What are you reading/playing/watching right now? What do you like about it, and what do you dislike? Would you recommend whatever it is you're currently consuming?

Alternatively, if you're searching for recommendations, ask here! Whether you're in the mood for a feminist friendly science fiction read or a good survival horror game, other members of feminist_geeks can provide some suggestions.

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I've started watching Penny Dreadful and I think it's quite good. But I'd watch pretty much anything with Eva Green in it.

I'm almost done with "Return of the King" as part of the Tolkien read a long and I'm half heartedly reading "Day Watch." Most of the books I feel like reading right now are digital and my kindle's been broken for a few months now.

What makes the Day Watch read half-hearted?

I don't really want to be reading it but it's the most appealing thing on my bookshelf right now. It's a good book and I enjoyed it the first time I read it, it's just not capturing my interest right now.

I finished two books by Michael Stackpole. I semi-approve, but like George RR Martin, he has this habit of focusing on characters I don't CARE about. And killing off the ones I do. He does okay with making differing women, but he only has one for a chapter voice, and she is very much all about her man. (Plus, she was the first one to get killed. I very much don't approve.)

On a brighter side, Gargoyles! I got the second half of season two, and I am a happy clam. Gives me way too many ideas to play with.

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