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Writing Monday / Promote Your Projects
minoan summer fresco
korinna wrote in feminist_geeks
Here's a post for all the writers in the community! Tell us, are you currently working on some fiction? Do you want to discuss a problem you're having, or a question you've asked yourself while writing? Additionally, feel free to get feedback on your story ideas, or to ask for people to look over your work. Use this space for anything that relates to writing, basically.

Alternatively, are you working on a project or blog? Are you involved with something cool? You can also use this space to self-promote.

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I am thinking of getting a semi-professional blog off the ground for general nerdery, feminism, writing, etc. and wondering about domain names, twitter account names, etc.

If anyone has a public blog here, what did you do? Use your real name? Use a catchy title as the domain, but have your about me be a biography? Any tips or tricks would be great; for some reason I'm getting hung up on the finicky little details. (I do have a middle name, so that's an option for me as well)

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