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Wednesday's Open Thread
sagacious_rage wrote in feminist_geeks
You're free to comment about anything, whether it relates to the interests of the community or not.

Keep everything in the post SFW. If you decide to link to a picture or site or whatever else, make sure to mention if the content is NSFW or potentially triggering.

I've had to put up with a lot of weird body-shaming/dieting type stuff over the past couple days. Like my boss was confused by the fact that I don't count calories/carbs/anything. And then there was this discussion at dinner last night (at the Cheesecake Factory of all places) about dieting.

I'm fat, always have been, always will be, and it's just tiring to have to deal with the constant pressure to be thin.

I also need delicious friends to help out with my nightmares in Echo Bazaar. I want to keep all my strange dreams. ;~;

I could help you! I dunno how to add friends, though.

Did you sign up with Facebook or Twitter? Because adding friends that way is easy but I have no idea how to do it if you signed up via email.

What's your twitter? I can follow you and then we'll be friends. :3

I feel like I've seen it all. Bosses who tried to recruit me into whatever overpriced bullshit diet fad they were following, women staff pressuring me into fad diets and "losers pools"... the whole nine yards.


It is total fucking bullshit, but very hard to fight because while being above the "ideal" weight is ridiculously common, apparently being content at that weight is freakish. At least I'm aware that my discontent with being fat doesn't come from within. It's artificially imposed. How can it not be when we're bombarded by diet-mania almost literally every fucking second? (Hell, all my icons of women are of thin women. What else is there for us to admire out there? Even Roseanne Barr eventually got skinny, IIRC.)

I sometimes hang around the Health at Every Size page to perk myself up. I want my own copy of their book, too, but I have to scratch out some funds first.

I'm really liking My Litte Pony Friendship is Magic. Also, I hate my life presently, so I wish I lived in Equestria.

you know that episode where mr burns gets a physical and the doctor tells him that all his diseases are crowded up inside of him in a delicate balance? that's me but with feelings

I'm moving to Paris in 7 days. I've never even been there before. Hah.

That sounds exciting and terrifying. Good luck!

I have a job interview on Friday, and another on Monday. Now, of course I might not get offered either job, or I might only get offered one of them, but I am paralyzed by the thought that I might get both of them and have to choose. One of them is New York, where just about all of my friends live, where I have ALWAYS wanted to live, but the other is close to my family and I'd finally get to live with my partner after two years of varying degrees of long distance. The one in New York is a writer/editor position which is what I love doing, but I'm not sure how well it pays, and it's probably about half of what the other one is (it's a sales position). And if I took the job in New York I'd probably have to live with strangers, because none of my friends need a roommate, but even thinking about that sends me into fits of anxiety. :/ And then I feel bad for feeling bad because I know so many people who are having such shit luck trying to find a job and they'd probably laugh in my face because it's such a ridiculously privileged conundrum but it all just makes me feel so anxious. :/

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...because it's such a ridiculously privileged conundrum...

I've had a nightmarish four years of cycling between crummy temp jobs and the Unemployment Office. (I swear my file over there must be thicker than the last Harry Potter book by now.)

But I'm still privileged. I have family to help me out (to the best of their abilities), and I'm very aware that it's privilege to still have a used computer, a place to live, and three meals a day (even when I can't buy my comics, damnit).

Everything is relative, and I don't blame people with great job prospects for that fact that I'm not working. The job market stinks due to issues way bigger than a few people who have great job prospects in their particular field(s).

I'll cross my fingers for you.

The U.S. Green Party has an all-female ticket this year. I can't wait to vote for them, even if feminist blogs are (as usual) living down to my expectations as a 3rd-Party voter by roundly ignoring their existence. (Hell, Time and Businessweek managed better coverage than any feminist blog I could find by googling "Jill Stein" + the name of feminist blogs that I used to frequent, back in the day.)

Tough shit. What was that adage about how you don't convert a person merely by silencing them...? :p

Oh that's awesome! I hadn't heard about that at all. Go Green Party!

That's awesome! I haven't heard of any of that; you would not have links by any chance?

Sure. Just click here for the GP press/news page:

Also, Dr. Stein was in contention with Roseanne Barr for the nomination. I just found out yesterday that Barr is still running, but on the Peace & Freedom ticket with Cindy Sheehan as her running mate. Google "Peace and Freedom" + "Barr" and you can probably find something on that, too.

Unfortunately I woke up ill, so I need to go back to bed now. Damnit.

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AWESOME THING: my paperwork for a tutoring job finally went through, so I can start going through their training stuff and hopefully get hired. YAY!

...DUNNO?: I've been wanting to see what other people think of Perception (a new show on TNT loosely based on the portrayal of John Nash's live in A Beautiful Mind). I like it - I like that it portrays a person with schizophrenia who isn't feared or considered dangerous, but it also has problems. It's definitely leaning toward the 'mental illness as superpower' trope, though. The protagonist has hallucinations that conveniently tie into solving crimes, and there was a scene where they used someone with aphasia as a lie detector and that was no no no. There was also a monologue at the end of the pilot episode about treating psychological disorders ~*~stripping people of their uniqueness~*~ which also made me side-eye the fuck out of it (I can understand it coming from someone neuroatypical, but I was acutely aware of an audience of people going "O_O being neuroatypical is maaaaagiiiiic!".

So yeah. I like it, but I'm also not sure what to think of it.

Yeah. My thoughts on watching it were more or less the same. I liked it, but part of me felt as if I should be offended without quite knowing why.

The one bit I hated was the bit in the first episode where the female lead jumps off a first/second story fire-escape to catch a suspect. It was portrayed as a badass moment and the director clearly wanted us to be impressed, but all I could think was That was so dangerous!! This is not a show with physical superpowers. One wrong move/inch to the left/right and she could have cracked her head on cement or shattered the bones in her legs! What an irresponsible idiot. That is not professional FBI agent behaviour!

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