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What Are You Reading/Watching/Playing?
P2 - Dancing with myself
magnetic_regina wrote in feminist_geeks
What are you reading/playing/watching right now? What do you like about it, and what do you dislike? Would you recommend whatever it is you're currently consuming?

Alternatively, if you're searching for recommendations, ask here! Whether you're in the mood for a feminist friendly science fiction read or a good survival horror game, other members of feminist_geeks can provide some suggestions.

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Doing my insanity run of Mass Effect 3. Goddamn turrets.

I haaaaate turrets. Any time I see a combat engineer I just throw everything I've got at him so I can dismantle the turret. UGH! X|

I'm playing Fallout 3 (found a way to fix it from crashing every 15 minutes on my computer, that I wish I had found last time I tried to play). I feel like I'm pretty bad at it, I got in one fight with bandits (I think) and I almost died. I think I should have put my points in small guns instead of melee and I wish I could fix the bomb in Megaton already, but I'm sure I can do that soon.

Watching: Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It's a guilty pleasure.


I just picked it back up after a ridiculous hiatus (I hadn't played since 2010, according to my save files) and it's amazing.

Trying The Secret World for a month or two. The gameplay is neat as hell and the writing is quite good. Well, except for the Dragon. That faction is kind of a mess lore wise. It's like all the stereotypical Magical Asians got together to have a Cryptic and Inscrutable theme party.

Plus there's the fiasco that is the early vision quest... All three factions have a quest when you're getting started, to unlock your magical potential by reliving the experiences of a woman caught up in a magical calamity in Tokyo. This psychic vision is induced by an NPC in your faction, and the method is unique to each secret society.

Illuminati: "We will induce a vision using DRUGS and MAD SCIENCE!"

Me: "Heh. Awesome."

Templars: "We will trigger a vision using the rantings of a MAGICAL HOMELESS PERSON!"

Me: "Um, okay..."

Dragon: "We will induce a vision using ORAL SEX from a MAGIC HOOKER!"


So.... yeah.... but ASIDE from that, quite engaging. I enjoy the puzzle and logic and stealth elements that are a refreshing change of pace from the usual MMO mechanisms, and the dialogue, while occasionally overlong, is involving and clever and well acted. I'll probably cancel my subscription when Mists of Pandaria comes out, though, and just renew it once in a while for a month or two when I need a change of pace. My friends and my Roleplay community are all in WoW, I'm never going to escape.

I just watched Revolutionary Girl Utena in its entireity for the first time ever and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. In that final arc when Akio, Touga and Saionji were doing scenes like those random photoshoots where their shirts would fly open I had to ask my girlfriend if this is how men feel when they open a DC comic and see women with their boobs and butts all in one shot for no reason. XD

We're also watching Battlestar Galactica - I've seen it all, but she hasn't. We're almost halfway through season three! :3

Playing/ed KH: Dream Drop Distance. I enjoyed it. I always enjoy KH games. It's kind of weird, but I like how the enemies and levels tend to be easy, but the bosses get to be pretty tough.

I haven't read to Kill A Mocking Bird, so I've kind of started reading it and I'm also reading Pyramids by Pratchett. More interested in reading the Odyssey and Pratchett's guard series. After these two I think I'll go back to non-fiction for a while(or at least pick up 1 to 1) and I've had Sexual Fluidity by Diamond on my list for a while, also The Female Thing (can't remember if I cared for the sample though.)

watching the second season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and waiting on new Leverage.

Trying to re-read Dune but it feels odd on the screen instead of a hardback... "Spawn of a Lizard!" is still one of the best insults ever.

Playing Bubble Witch Saga and Marvel's Avengers Alliance on FB. Lazy geek is lazy.

Need to do some WoW grinding on my pally since they're going to be offering a baby fox pet for sale on the new patch so I need the commissions beforehand.

And some guild rep grinding/enchanting leveling on the DK.

Rereading Magic's Promise. Trying to practice for Much Ado About Nothing.

Tried to read Forest of Forgetting before bed but dun wanna turn on critical reading skills tbh

Playing: Diablo 3 with my little brother, whacking zombies together! It's a chance for me to start a different class and try out new skills rather than keeping trying to make progress with my main character.

Watching: Neon Genesis Evangelion, OMG, it's like Thunderbirds but with angst as well as amazing machinery! Loving it.

i am in the middle of reading the hunger games trilogy as well as some amazing fanfiction from (such as anime, games, books, ect.) amazing writers and storytellers there and always leave me craving more however sometimes the writers make the the characters OOC but thats just my opinion. as for a good game im always gonna be a kingdom hearts freak and thats my suggestion ^_^ freelance writing/poetry is, in my opinion, the best kind of material to read!

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