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Writing Monday/Promote Your Projects
DA2 - I'm talkin' about Flemeth
magnetic_regina wrote in feminist_geeks
Here's a post for all the writers in the community! Tell us, are you currently working on some fiction? Do you want to discuss a problem you're having, or a question you've asked yourself while writing? Additionally, feel free to get feedback on your story ideas, or to ask for people to look over your work. Use this space for anything that relates to writing, basically.   
Alternatively, are you working on a project or blog? Are you involved with something cool? You can also use this space to self-promote.     

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I have a paper due tomorrow that's written (probably fairly terribly, as I knocked it out in what amounts to 2 days) and another paper due Wednesday that's going okay but I really need somebody to read because it's barely making sense to me, unfortunately.

Does anybody have any sort of background in immunology that would be willing to read maximum 4, double-spaced, pages of words on a comparison of IgE testing? Or have advice writing a journal article review paper because our directions are really goddamn vague.

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