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Wednesday's Open Thread
Merlin - What's going on over here?
magnetic_regina wrote in feminist_geeks
You're free to comment about anything, whether it relates to the interests of the community or not.
Keep everything in the post SFW. If you decide to link to a picture or site or whatever else, make sure to mention if the content is NSFW or potentially triggering.          

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The Leverage finale.

Oh my god.

The Leverage finale.

That is all.

Oh my god.

Kind of annoyed because almost everything else is closed because of the Blizzard that's coming but my work is open.

But then I feel bad for complaining because I've been off work since Friday.

But it's super ugly outside.

I sooooo don't want to go in today. I'm dead tired. XS Suppose that's what I get for staying up stupid-late three nights of five.

At least the snow stopped. Work may have made me stronger, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. XP

My in-laws gave me a new mini-Cuisinart and homemade limoncello. The hubby got me some classic Doctor Who DVD collections and Ten's Sonic Screwdriver. Bring on the blizzard! :)

There are some serious Grinches in the greater Seattle area this year.

So my Christmas didn't turn out so bad, even though some incredibly shitty things happened. First off, my step-mom's house got burglarized (while she was over at our, being my dad and me, house) on Sunday night and like 80-90% of her Christmas presents got stolen, as well as like all of her jewelry including stuff that's got so much sentimental value it's irreplaceable. So that certainly put a damper on things.

Then it turned out that my cousin's garage was broken into Christmas Eve and thousands of dollars of tools were stolen while they, including her 11 month old baby, were in the house (the garage is not attached).

So that was the highlight of my Christmas.

Let's hear it for OR's UI Dept. They decided to hold up my funds last week to do an official "audit" of my jobsearch. IOW, they demanded I provide them an email showing that I'd contacted the same employers that they already knew I'd contacted because they'd spoken to said employers.


Merry Fucking Xmas indeed.

On the plus side, the Italian plums I put up in jars of vodka and brandy (with sugar) back in September are fabulous! Sampled one of each yesterday. Woo! So today I'm taking the rest to a Boxing Day Party to share w/friends. We'll be drinking, munching snacks, re-gifting stupid presents we've received and then kicking back with the holiday Dr. Who ep.

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