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Women in Comics: DC vs Marvel, The Bechdel Test
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thalestral wrote in feminist_geeks
I'm a comics journalist, and normally my writing focuses on women creators in comics and the portrayal of women characters. But the Bechdel Test is so famous, and so equally derided by a lot of the general readership, that I figured it was worth a go to Bechdel Test ALL THE THINGS.

Or at least the comics I had to hand. I also did a Reverse Bechdel Test alongside the normal test, to help illustrate the divide between the portrayal of men and women in comics.

Obviously the Bechdel Test is just one aspect of looking at the issue as a whole, but I found the results surprisingly encouraging. At least for DC, where the results showed a lot of balance across my titles, and where the women led titles like Batwoman helped pick up the slack. And normally I'm focusing on all the other angles, so it was a nice change.

The full article is here: Women in Comics: DC vs Marvel, The Bechdel Test

Happily, the discussion I've seen about this piece on other forums is mostly guys saying the Reverse Bechdel Test has made them see the imbalance properly. So feel free to share :D

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Nicely done. I was pleasantly surprised by how many actually passed, and very surprised that Thor did so well.

As someone who hasn't read comics in years, who's Shining Knight in Demon Knights, and why didn't you count them? Just curious. :)

It is quite a positive outcome overall which made a nice change!

Shining Knight in the past has been a woman disguised as a man but they are very adamant in the newest comics that they dislike being referred to as either. I thought I should mention it as some might suspect I counted them as both which would have really biased the outcome! As it was, the book passed both tests regardless.

The writer, Paul Cornell, is the one who has spearheaded the "panel parity" idea at conventions he attends by giving up his seat to a woman creator or critic if the panel isn't balanced. It's a rather heavy handed approach but has kept the issue in the minds of organisers and resulted in more female creators appearing at cons. He seems like a decent bloke.

Yes, I thought that was an absolutely class move by him.

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